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Day 2 of '5 Days in December'

Written by Kristy on . Posted in Christmas/Seasonal

Hi everyone,

Today's idea is a Book Advent.  The basic idea is to wrap up Christmas books for each day in December leading up to Christmas.  Now don't think you have to have 24 Christmas books of your own!  You can go to the library and see what you can borrow and then you just take them back when they are due.  I sometimes buy a couple of cheap activity books and wrap them up as part of my book advent too.  You could also mix up Christmas themed books with regular books if you want to.


I kept mine really simple and bought a basket which I decorated with a couple of bells and a natural ribbon bow.  You don't even need to decorate it if you don't want or could add many more embellishments to the basket.  Last year I just used a cardboard box (this could be covered with wrapping paper or just left plain).

My kids made some wrapping paper using butchers paper, some glitter glue, some foam stamps and some old ink pads which I used to wrap the books.  Don't forget to write the number on the paper or create a tag so you can count down.  Last year I also re-wrapped some of the books as I didn't have enough.  Once the books have been opened I tend to put them back in the basket for the kids to take out and look at themselves when they want to.  I had seen this idea originally on a few blogs but I am sure a Google search would give lots of other ideas if you are keen to try this for yourself.

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